Last week our country was shattered by yet another senseless massacre of innocent people. A gunman opened fire inside Pulse, a crowded gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, early Sunday morning, leaving at least 49 people dead in the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history. Gays have long been targets of hate crimes throughout the world as have others as well. Heated debates in Congress and among US citizens on gun control laws have been occurring for years but as of late have intensified due to incidences such as this. Some are calling for stricter laws while others insist guns are not the issue since mass murderers will always find a way to maim and kill. The debate continues as people seek to place blame and hold someone accountable. Was it a single person? Did they have an accomplice? Was this the act of terrorists? Having a target enables us to direct our anger at someone with the ultimate goal of bringing that party or parties to justice. In doing so, we feel a momentary sense of satisfaction having restored balance to society and on some level feel a sense of power and control over our environment as well. Tougher gun laws, more surveillance cameras, an increase in security personnel, and harsher punishment for those convicted of such crimes are all considered possible deterrents to these crimes. However, these only provide a false sense of security for the root cause of such attacks is not being addressed.

I live nowhere near Orlando yet on some level I must share in the responsibility in this heinous act of violence perpetrated against God’s sacred children. And without intent to offend, I also extend that responsibility to each and every one of us as well. Every thought entertained, every word spoken, every action taken is energy, whether positive or negative. And that energy extends throughout the world. The accumulation of every molecule of energy produced by every individual across the planet culminates at some time in some location and in some form. All of the anger, bitterness, hatred, resentment, revenge, prejudice or disdain we have created in our hearts and/or acted out against one other, is not limited to that moment in time nor does that energy dissipate of its own free will. Energy is limitless, without boundaries. What occurs in my home has the potential to impact others in the farthest corners of the Earth. I have no control over it once I’ve put it out there. It’s like a dust particle in the wind: it will travel where it will, with no influence by me or anyone else.

If any of us has ever:
~ Spoken unkindly about another (an individual or specific group of people), deliberately hurt someone physically, emotionally, psychologically or financially, taken our anger out on them and/or failed to make amends, we are co conspirators of the Orlando tragedy.
~ If we have ever sought revenge on someone who hurt us or encouraged others to get even with those who have mistreated them, if we have divided our families, communities, or our country with inflammatory remarks or accusations, we are co conspirators of the Orlando tragedy.
~ If we have held a grudge and chosen not to forgive those who have wronged us, posted hate-filled or derogatory speech on social media, if we have been disrespectful to family members, coworkers, or total strangers, judged someone, or lied about another for our own personal gain, we are co conspirators of the Orlando tragedy.

Every act you and I commit sends the corresponding energy out into the universe. Negative intensifies negative.
All the gun laws in the world won’t prevent another Orlando from happening when the root cause is not how many guns we own nor the type of weapons that are available to us. The cause of the heinous violence committed upon our brothers and sisters is a world that is suffering from a extreme case of moral decay. A decay that stems from the following:

1. A complete lack of respect for all human life. Mankind has taken it upon themselves to relegate humanity into different categories of worth and those on the lower end of the spectrum are subject to maltreatment at the whim of the perpetrator.
2. Fear that propels humans to fight for control over one another in order to preserve the self, their beliefs, and their ways of living that differ from others.
3. Arrogance – a belief rooted in ego that denounces God’s authority and His Word and proclaims individual preferences as valid and superior to that of the Divine’s.
4. Lack faith in God that life is meant to unfold organically rather than forced accordance with our requirements; that whatever is in our life has purpose and value; to trust in a Divine Plan and a higher purpose to each experience.

One does not have to believe in God to be a good person. They only need to believe in the way of God to live a moral life. That is, they must value all human life as equal; respect and treat one another with kindness and dignity; accept and allow each person their differences and uniqueness; forgive those who mistreated them, whether deliberately or inadvertently; and to love without limits or conditions. Only when you and I make the pledge in our hearts to live, not merely preach, these qualities for all humanity will we ever see an end to such senseless acts of violence inflicted upon God’s precious creations. Until then, we must all share in the responsibility for the loss of life in Orlando and beyond.

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Summer Solstice/ Strawberry Full Moon


The summer solstice falls on June 20th this year and what makes it all the more remarkable is that there is a full moon on the same day. This is an event that has not happened since 1967 and occurs only once every 70 years. The summer solstice marks the longest day of the year with approximately 17 hours of light. The word solstice comes from the Latin solstitium meaning “sun stands still”. It happens because the sun stops heading north at the Tropic of Cancer and then returns back southwards. The summer solstice marks the official beginning of summer and has links to many ancient traditions which celebrate the day as a time of renewal, fertility and harvest. The full moon in June is called the “strawberry moon” by Native Americans as it marks the beginning of strawberry season.
What makes this pairing unique is the positive energy that we can all use right now. The summer solstice celebrates creativity and self-expression and  masculine energy. This energy is one of  motivation, action, and intention. It signifies a time to open our hearts and literally let the light in. Symbolically releasing the darkness of the winter and making way for the light of the summer. The full moon represents the time of the goddess, the feminine energy which reminds us to receive and allow things to come to us. The coupling of the Moon and the Sun, the energetic light and dark is a wonderful opportunity to examine your own life and see where you can bring it back into balance and create harmony.
June 20 is a great day to meditate outdoors if possible. Soak in the sunlight, the moonlight and allow yourself to celebrate this time of rejuvenation, renewal, and recharging!
Join me tomorrow on The Night Shift as I talk about this energy with renowned psychic Heather Hildebrand. We will be taking your questions in the chat and of course sharing the oracle card of the day!

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“AR You Ready to Reduce Anger in Your Relationships?”

Relationships are the most challenging aspect of life whether personal, professional, casual or intimate. Even with those we love deeply, such as family members, getting along can prove challenging. Consider this: more than half of all American families are estranged from one another due in part to unresolved differences. Yet it is not imperative that our differences be resolved, for if they were then we would all be in agreement with one another all of the time. Not only is that is highly unlikely (or should I say, impossible) but it would prove disadvantageous for healthy relationship as well. Differences are actually wonderful opportunities for personal growth and with some effort we can learn how to coexist successfully with one another in spite of said disparities. Consider this: I’m a neat-freak; my husband is, well…not. My style of decorating is simple but unique decor; his is early garage sale. Yet neither of us has tried to convince nor argued with the other to conform to our way of living. We each respect the other person’s taste and have found a way of blending them together. In some instances, we’ve each taken specific areas of the house that exclusively showcase our unique style while allowing our spouse space enough for theirs as well.

Acceptance: One of the greatest sources of conflict between two parties is one or both person’s unwillingness to accept the other exactly where they are in their journey through life. We complain that the other party should be different (more ambitious, responsible, adventurous, thoughtful, etc), should know better (how to treat people), should be more like someone else (honest, hard-working, independent), and so on. We compare and complain rather than accept and appreciate.

A great teacher recognizes that although her freshman class is comprised of all fourteen year olds, each one has reached a different level of maturity, has different interests and talents, and learns in their own unique way and time. The teacher will customize her teaching strategy for each child in such a way as to maximize their learning experience in school. She builds a relationship with each designed to foster a healthy learning environment as well. We would be wise to model our personal and professional relationships after the teacher’s strategy.

Respect: the second key component to supporting healthy relationships. Respect’s universal definition, according to Webster’s Dictionary, is “to value; to place value on”. When we respect one another, we treat them with the dignity given to a fine work of art. On every level, we express how much we value and appreciate them as they are – as a friend, coworker, spouse, or simple as a member of our universal family. We resist the urge to pressure or shame them into being someone they’re not or behaving in a manner that contradicts where they are in their life’s journey of is not consistent with what they must learn in that moment.

One of mankind’s primary needs is to feel important, to be recognized for the unique person they are and to be held in high regard. One who is treated this way by others can more easily deal with the challenges that are a natural part of every relationship. When one feels unworthy, devalued or unaccepted the pain they experience can easily convert to anger as they fight for the recognition they deserve.

You can bring out the best in people or the worst. Always encourage their goodness to shine so that all may benefit from their gifts.

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