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Every week on The Night Shift I pull an oracle card and give a brief reading to all my listeners. I have briefly explained what oracle cards are but on this weeks show I am going to go into more detail. As a psychic these cards are a tool that I use to get information for my client. I also teach workshops on how people can use these cards to get their own intuitive information. There are a multitude of decks available and unlike Tarot cards where a certain knowledge is necessary anyone can select a deck that appeals to them and get useful information the first time around. Just about all decks come with a guide book that will instruct the user how to clean and cleanse the deck. Different spreads, which are arrangements of the selection for cards, that will assist you in getting the answers you are looking for are also included.

I am often asked “Which is the best deck for me?”  I feel that there is no definite deck that is right or wrong. At the new age store I give readings, The Mystical Moon in Ft Myers, the owner makes it a point to have demos available of all her decks so a customer can go in and really get a feel of the images and how the particular deck relates to them. They can then base their decision on this. Check out a new age store in your neighborhood where that may be an option. If something like this is not an option you can go to a website like Amazon and search oracle cards (it will help if you have a certain topic such as animals to limit the choices) read the descriptions and trust that you will be drawn to the best deck for you.

The oracle decks I have cover a range of topics from angels, to fairies, to goddesses and the list goes on and on. When I am doing a reading I intuitively select the decks I feel will best serve the client I am reading. Each week for my radio show I ask for a sign of what deck to use. Let me give you an example of how I selected this evening’s deck.

On my walk today I saw butterflies everywhere. All different colors and types, large and small. I knew this was a sign for me so I started considering what this may mean. After the fifth one showed up it dawned on me. I am supposed to pull a card from the Butterfly Oracle for Life Changes deck by Doreen Virtue this evening. The box cover is pictured here. Since I believe butterflies signify many messages for us from our own transformation to a deceased love one reaching out I felt this was a spot on hit for the deck I will use this evening. I will be pulling a card for all of you from this deck and then do individual readings throughout the hour. Join me Tuesday, August 23 at 7:00 PM Eastern and if you can’t make it listen to the replay on iHeart radio link listed below.

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There is something about the country of Tibet that has always intrigued me. Perhaps it’s the beautiful landscape along crystal blue waters or the unique architecture of its oriental style buildings. Or more importantly a group of monks that call this country their home are known for their serene way of life. They seem unaffected by the modern day stresses and anger that the rest of us are subjected to while residing primarily in a state of bliss. What is the secret to their joy? Researchers conducted a study of Tibetan monks and found that there are seven rituals that increase their levels of happiness an astonishing 700-800% over the average person.

1. Being Mindful: For many of us, the stressors of our daily lives are a lot to deal with. We’re often multitasking or thinking ahead as to what we need to take care of next. We are so consumed with the vast amount of tasks we are responsible to complete in the course of the day, as well as what faces us tomorrow and in our future, that we fail to be fully present to what is happening in the moment. The old cliché, “stop and smell the roses” is a great reminder of being mindful. Be aware of all that is around you and you will discover undiscovered beauty that can greatly enhance your day. Take time to gaze out of a window at the earth and sky around you; take notice of the color, texture, and aroma of the food you are eating; sit quietly as you watch with deep intent your child coloring a picture.

2. Oneness: Tibetan monks practice the belief of “oneness”, that we are all interconnected. The same energy that is me is also that which all others are comprised of. An activity called “compassion meditation” increases happiness and empathy by as much as 800%. Remembering that we all share the same basic needs, feelings, desires, and fears enables us to be less judgmental and more empathetic to the feelings and suffering of others. The desire to see others safe and happy and prosperous magnifies our own feelings of joy as well.

3. Laughing Out Loud: For 5,000 years, Tibetan monks have begun each day by laughing out loud upon awakening. It enables them to remain calmer and more focused. It is well documented that laughter has medicinal benefits by reducing the production of stress hormones while triggering the release of happiness-boosting endorphins. It also reduces tension in the blood vessels of the head, thus improving the flow of oxygen rich blood to the brain, keeping them alert. Faking a laugh can have the same benefits as laughter caused by a funny incident of joke. Recommended daily dose? A lot.

4. Sitting Up Straight: Good posture has multiple benefits. Consider this: all of the body’s nerves flow through the spine. Any interference can lead to reduction in brain function. Simply pulling one’s shoulders back can increase the electrical current to the brain. And the more efficiently the brain functions the less stress it endures. Less stress = greater happiness.

5. Gazing At One Object: I’ve always had the ability to “out-stare” anyone. I could affix my eyes on an object and stare at it without blinking for a long time. Tibetan monks meditate on a sole object. Studies show that doing so activates the frontal lobes of the brain, areas associated with superior concentration and faster reaction time. The greater our ability to concentrate the less effort we put forth in doing so. This enables us to feel more relaxed. And the beauty of this exercise is that it can be done anywhere for a short period of time to reap the benefits. Standing in line at the supermarket provides a perfect time for a mini one-point meditation.

6. Listening to Bells: The monks of Tibet begin and end prayer with the sound of small brass discs attached by string, called tingsha. Each disc is handmade so no two are identical. This causes each to vibrate at a slightly different frequency when struck. Studies show that when your brain hears two different frequencies it registers a frequency equal to the difference between the two. This sound refreshes both the body and the mind and is associated with both relaxation and heightened creativity.

7. Humming: Many cultures utilize chants or humming as a way to relax and focus. I recall listening to the Gregorian Chants sung by Catholic monks when I was a child. I always found them to be very soothing and comforting. But even the act of simply humming can increase your brainpower, boost endorphins, and lower your blood pressure and heart rate. Humming vibrates the hypothalamus and pituitary glands deep inside the brain, releasing feel-good hormones and disengaging the fight-or-flight response when one is stressed or fearful. Using a vowel sound such as ‘ah’ or ‘oh’ and lowering the sound to a place where you can feel the vibration throughout your entire body. I’ve used the sound “OM”. The mantra “OM” is the name of God, the very vibration of the Supreme Being. OM is the reflection of the absolute reality, without beginning or the end and embracing all that exists. It’s an excellent tool to reduce stress and induce joy and tranquility.

Monks, whether Tibetan, Catholic or any other faith, are globally recognized as authorities in tranquility and joy. Choose one or more of the above mentioned practices and incorporate it into your daily routine. Then take notice of how much happier and more relaxed you are. Here’s to your bliss.
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Negativity is Not Welcome Here!


A few years ago my youngest daughter faced a devastating disease. Her diagnosis was dire and each day she literally fought for her life. Being a strong believer in the work of Louise Hay and her book Heal Your Life, I pulled out all the stops in keeping her room as full of positive reinforcements as I could. Her sisters and I created affirmation posters for her that said ” I am healed in all directions of time and space.”  We kept in mind that when you are creating an affirmation you always do it in the present tense and make a statement of fact. Even though it may not be your reality at the present moment you get to the feeling place that it is. The belief being that this positive energy will attract the outcome that you are looking for. We also posted pictures of her doing the things she loved and some of the places she had traveled to. One obstacle I encountered in all this was some of the doctors that insisted on coming in and being full of worse case scenarios.  One such doctor literally made me cringe each time he came into the room. One day we had gotten some really good news. The medications were working and my daughter was improving. Dr. Negative came into the room and said “This is good news but..” I stopped him right there. I said there will be no “buts” today. With that I asked to talk to him outside the room. I explained that I felt his negative comments adversely impacted my daughter’s healing progress. If he insisted on his information being delivered “realistically” I asked that he step out of the room and deliver it to me or my husband. I was proud of myself for stepping into my power and speaking my truth. I almost felt the room release a sigh of relief knowing it could continue to assist us with working on her healing.
What brought all this to mind was a Facebook post of one of my friends in a similar situation. Her husband was in ICU showing significant progress and a doctor who felt he had to be “realistic” gave some of his less than positive comments. My friend’s husband immediately felt deflated and began to be concerned. All the positive information he had been given that day was washed away by this doctor who showed lack of compassion in how he delivered his information.
I think there are a few take aways from all this. First of all in any health challenge situation you are in charge of your well being. Or you family members if need be. They can express their feelings to the doctor and have those feelings respected. When you or someone you know is in a healing situation remember the importance of positive vibrations and how this can be as effective as medicine in treating what ails you. Create affirmations and when you are sending prayers to these people always remember to visualize them perfectly healthy, whole and complete. Many of our health facilities are starting to realize the importance of the mind, body, spirit connection. You are your best advocate and remember if any health care provider is not aware of keeping things positive feel free to remind him or her..Negativity is Not Welcome Here!

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