The Voice of an Angel ~ Donna Jackson, singer/songwriter on The Nancy Ferrari Show

You are invited to tune into The Nancy Ferrari Show airing live on Monday, October 20th, 9:00 am PT/11:00 pm ET on and as Nancy’s featured guest is Donna Jackson, a singer/ songwriter from Savannah, Georgia.

Donna has been singing in churches across the United States and Canada since the age of 12. Her Father, Tom Jackson, a very talented singer was her inspiration and her Mother; Faye Jackson definitely encouraged her to sing at every event and church possible.  Donna was raised in a small rural town outside of Savannah where she sang at many of the churches and events in Effingham County.   She has lead praise and worship at several churches in her home state and presently resides in the greater Savannah area with her husband Daniel Davis.  Donna is also the proud Mother of 3 children, Phillip, Brooke and David who also share her love of Gospel Music.

Donna Jackson has opened for the late Vestal Goodman of the “Happy Goodmans”, the Blackwood Brothers, Janet Pascal, Brian Free and Assurance, The Dixie Melody Boys, Alvin Slaughter and many other Christian Quartets and solo vocalist.

Donna represented Savannah as Teen Miss Savannah and Teen Miss Savannah Talent Winner and opened up for Lee Greenwood, Country Music Star at “Night in Old Savannah” Annual Event.  Donna opened up for Actor,Gary Busey of “Lethal Weapon” at a CMA (Christian motorcycle association) event in Springfield, GA in 2000.  Donna was the 1st runner up in the GMA (Gospel Music Association/ sponsor of the Dove Awards) in Nashville, TN. in 2002.

Donna is also a former 3 time GA State Karate Champion in Forms and Fighting. (we won’t mention the year) :)  Donna has been in the martial arts for over 20 years and owned and operated her own Martial Arts Studio in Springfield, GA for over 5 years (1999-2004).  Donna was an official judge for the Super Grand’s Martial Arts Worldwide Tournament and Donna was involved with the Super Grand’s for over 6 years, until she decided to step away to be in Full Time Music Ministry.

Donna recently completed her 4th album with CROSSROADS MUSIC in Arden, N.C., where Jeff Collins was the producer of her new project entitled “Hold On To Your Dreams”.  This album features 8 of Donna Jackson’s original songs as well as 2 of her favorite hymns, “When We All Get to Heaven” and “I’ll Fly Away” performed by Donna Jackson.  Crossroads Music released 1 of Donna’s original songs, entitled “Kickin’ Up Dust” on national Christian radio, this Oct. 2014

To order Donna’s albums, you can visit her website at  Donna is available to minister in song at churches across the US and Canada.

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January Jones welcomes Chris Vaca, author of “Hitting The Tri-Fecta of Life, A Healthy Mind, Body and Pocket!

Chris Vaca



Meet Chris Vaca

I found the courage to reinvent myself, now at age 62, I enjoy being An Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Trainer and Author, as well as having a series of videos on YouTube called Over 50 And Broke and a web-site with the same name.

My latest book Hitting The Tri-Fecta Of Life, A Healthy Mind Body and Pocket has just hit Amazon. It is a light hearted look at achieving happiness. We all want true happiness, but many just do not know how to go about finding a path to happiness.

My book titled “Age Should Never Be An Excuse For Not Succeeding” Restoring Hope In Your life, has been a constant seller on Amazon.


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 Chris Now Enjoys Being An Entrepreneur Public Speaker, Trainer and Author
“Many Guru’s say, if you want to grow your wealth for your old age you need to cut your standard of living and live below your means, for me that is not an option, I am looking to raise my standard of living so that I can enjoy life, and the world is full of opportunities.” Chris Vaca On Life.

Healthy Child, Healthy World. Thurs. 1pm ET


Healthy Child, Healthy World. That’s makes sense. Challenge is, the increase number of children who are sick is rising at a disturbing rate because they are living in an increasingly unhealthy world. These days, at birth, on average, babies have about 200 unwanted chemicals already flowing through their veins. No wonder cancer is a leading cause of death for children under 15. Facts such as these has motivated “Healthy Child, Healthy World” to empower parents to take action and protect children from harmful chemicals now found in the soil, food, housing materials, cleaning solutions and even the clothes children wear. Our guest, Alexandra Zissu, will explain how small changes can produce a healthy difference. As Editor Director for “Healthy Child, Healthy World”, author of books such as The Conscious Kitchen, food and health journalist writing articles for publications such as Women’s Wear Daily, Teen Vogue, New York Times and Huffington Post, Alexandra is on top of these issues. She will explain what we can do to reverse the toxicity of our world, starting in our homes. It’s not too late to demand corporate accountability, engage in collective action in your community, influence legislation,regulatory reform and vote for safer chemicals and products. It is time to look at the truth in the eye and participate in healthy change, for the health of our children!

Come into our Family Food Experts Kitchen with Alexandra and Co-Host Carolina as we discuss the simple steps each one of us can take to make a “Healthy Child, Healthy World!” Thursday, 1pm ET, on and

… for the health of your family,

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